The Case of the Sickness and the Magic Onion

Well, I made it through The Most Wonderful Time of the Year feeling wonderful πŸ™‚ When it seemed like everyone else around me was getting sick, I was avoiding it! Maybe it was karma from bragging about how β€œstrong” I am, but after New Years – it got me! Welcome to The Most Annoying Time of the Year : Sick season.

Being sick sucks – plain and simple. Sore throat, fever, chills, hot flashes, headache…then the coughing. Coughing is hard! I remember in college I spoke to a class about my disability. Somehow, coughing got brought up and the professor asked me to cough for the class. Um, really? It was the first time my disability had ever really been the topic of discussion so I was already out of my comfort zone. Now you want me to show my pitiful cough to everyone? This class was studying different types of disabilities, so they were already aware that it would be a weak cough. That, however, did not make it any less embarrassing.

During my sophomore year of college I got bronchitis. I literally thought I was going to die. In order for me to have any amount of power to cough up mucus, I needed to take the biggest, deepest breath I could. I had to focus all my efforts on slowly filling my lungs because if I did it too fast, my cough would automatically start without me trying or having enough power to do anything. Once I had enough air, I would drive my chair forward and then stop suddenly – letting my body fly forward and at the same time I would cough.

Seriously, I hope you’re laughing picturing this happening.

That’s where I’m at now. It’s definitely not nearly as bad as it was then, but I am using that same method with this sickness. I am so so so glad the fever, chills, and headache crap are pretty much gone, but let me tell you – this coughing is one of the most miserable work out plans I could ever do. I better have great abs when I’m better. (haha riiiiiight! Not in this lifetime.)

Now let me tell you about the magic onion. My aunt told me about it and I figured, why not try it? It is said that if you leave an onion, ends cut off, in the room with you, it will absorb the bacteria – leaving you to get better quicker, or even not get sick at all.

Done. We got out our very last onion, chopped off the ends and cut it in half. We put one half in our bedroom and one half in the living room where we were both dying during the day. About 45 minutes later, my mind started playing tricks on me. Or was it? I was totally getting better. My headache was gone, I wasn’t too hot or too cold…the only symptoms I had were a minor sore throat and a partially (but not awful) runny nose. Magic onion. (My husband said the only thing he noticed was his eyes burning. What a wuss!)

That was Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning I woke up feeling so refreshed and ready for the day. I don’t think I’ve had that much energy in the last month. I had the most productive morning of my life (slight exaggeration), but I could not handle the smell of the onion anymore. Waking up to it in the night was so annoying. I dealt with it until about noon, but ended up throwing it away and lighting a candle.

Guys, I kid you not – about a half an hour later my head started hurting and I started coughing stuff up. Why did I throw my only onion away?!

I guess I might never know if I could’ve avoided the cough without the magic onion, but at least now I am headache free. And seriously, I feel so accomplished after working so hard to get that phlegm up! πŸ™‚

I hope you all have been able to bring in the new year with good health! So far in 2018 I’ve had a malfunctioning hoyer lift, a quacking wheelchair, and this sickness. But, I feel that good things are coming my way!

Let’s get to the good stuff!

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  1. Cheryl Feikema

    Oh my Jenna. So sorry 2018 starts looking better for you guys. The junk is in Minnesota too. Everyone sneezing, snotting, noses running , & the horrible cough. Hope you get better & feeling much better soon.
    Love, Cheryl F.

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