Ready or Not

This last week and half has been crazy! In a few days we pack up the van (like, completely-full-to-the-brim-barely-room-for-people type pack up) and head east! We’re visiting HOME!

Since I rely so much on other people, I have learned to plan ahead. It would be unfair of me to be a procrastinator when I need the help of others. I work around their schedules and lives so if I want something done, I plan for it.

For the trip, I needed to pack, do laundry, shop for travel snacks, make sure the vehicle will make the long trek, clean it out, etc.  I was intending to get the van checked out two weeks before we left – oil change, brakes checked…you know. All those car things I really know nothing about. Monday is a day I have my care provider longer so we can do laundry, errands, etc. – so I planned for that day to get the van looked at and then we would have plenty of time (2 weeks) to get anything fixed if the need arose.

But, sometimes life happens.

On Saturday my main care provider told me she had a family emergency and needed to leave the next day – for 10 days. She’d be back 3 days before we left for Minnesota. (She is traveling with us.)

I’m an adult, I can handle this. Or at least I can pretend both of those things to get me through the week without crying.

In the last month, I let a care provider go because it just wasn’t working out. Down to two. Then one of those got a second job and started the night shift – her first day was the same day I found out about the family emergency. Whoa!

But, I’ve been reminded of a few things this week –
1. God is amazing. In situations where I feel like I’m about to fall apart, I have the strength to get through. Having faith and the ability to see that good things are right around the corner. I’m happy to say that, although I may not have been in the best of moods all week, I made it through with no tears. #biggirlpantsallweek #jk #ihavelivedinsweats
2. People in my life are incredible. When I am in need, I have so many people in my life who save me. People with families and full-time jobs who rearrange and stretch themselves to the limit to make sure I’m taken care of. As much as I hate asking for help, I am so very grateful for these people. I know I’m lucky every day for having great people in my life, but in these stressfullest of stressful times (yup, I made that phrase up) I am reminded of how loved and cared for I am.
3. I love that I live in this time period. Technology is a lifesaver and Walmart has my new favorite thing. It’s saved me a few times before, but this week I appreciate it even more! Order online (on the computer, on your phone, from the bed or from the couch), go to Walmart and they bring everything out to you! You literally do not even need to get out of the vehicle. The best part for me (especially this week) – I don’t have to be there. It’s paid for ahead of time and I can have anyone pick it up for me. Try it by clicking here – you’ll get $10 off your first time. (Thank you, sister in law, for introducing me to this!!)
4. Life will never go as you plan it! Do I still believe in planning ahead? Of course! But, I also believe in being flexible, rolling with the punches and knowing that everything happens for a reason. #rollingonward

I am so beyond ready for a visit home – even if I’m not ACTUALLY ready to go! Family and friends and a baby and homemade french fries are awaiting my arrival and I’m ready to leave this week behind!

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