Comfort Zones are Overrated!

I love the outdoors! I love the sunshine and being by the water. I love seeing new challenges and running them over 🙂 This time, I mean literally!

This post’s challenge: sand!

This labor day I went to Folsom Lake. We knew from a previous years visit that I’d most likely be doing some off-roading, but figured it might not be so bad since water levels were a little higher. Well, it was still a trek. By the assistance of my sister in law, I powered through the stick filled, soft sand and made it close to the water. Silly me didn’t have my camera with to take pictures at the bottom, but here is one of my mother in law, niece and I at the top. We’re hot, we’re tired, but, as my sister in law says, “We do hard things, we are amazing!”

I was thinking about all the opportunities I’ve had like this since living in California. Sand was something I hadn’t dealt with much in Minnesota. When I went to the lake there, I spent my time on the grass – usually a few yards from the water. Or sometimes if we came across an accessible dock we would go out “on” the water via that, but sand was never really an obstacle.

Folsom Lake, CA

Our first adventure to the water.  No soft, deep sand.  But, definitely a bumpy trip!

It’s a long, bumpy road from those trees to the water’s edge.










Lake Tahoe

When my brother visited me in California for the first time we went to Tahoe.  I had already been there, so wasn’t expecting much new to happen.  Then he convinced me to go through some really deep, soft sand!  

Lake Tahoe with my brother.

It’s written in the sand <3










Waterfall Adventures

Aside from lakes, one of my favorite things outdoors is waterfalls! My husband and I have been to a few that have been along mostly paved paths.

Pipestone National Monument – Waterfall

Redwood Falls, MN Waterfall









So, when we heard about Hidden Falls, I was super excited to go! We started out on a gravel path – not the easiest, but I figured it’d be worth it. We asked one of the men coming back up if he thought our wheelchairs could make it to the falls. He was a heavier guy, so when he replied, “If I can do it, you can do it!” I believed him.

He is a liar. I guess we made it, but for the next few days my muscles hurt. MY muscles hurt – just from hanging on for dear life to my wheelchair armrests. My husband – well, I’ll let this picture speak for itself.

But, again, we made it!

Hidden Falls Regional Park; Auburn, CA

I love these challenges and am grateful for those with us who (literally) push me out of my comfort zone! Why shouldn’t I be able to be next to the water? Even if I can’t get in it, there is something so relaxing about being next to it.

I hope that you will get out of your comfort zone – try something you’re nervous to try. The pride you’ll feel afterward is priceless!

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  1. Ada Lloyd

    I love the fact that nothing stops you. What an example you set for those of us who are fortunate enough to have you in our life

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