The Holidays are Here!

Whew! Congrats on surviving Halloween!  This years costume was brought to you by: a matron of honor dress from last year, the beard of a what I can only guess was a skirt of Doc’s face (I kid you not – creepy!), an old shirt, ribbon and some good old-fashioned hot glue!  Yay for cheap … [Continue reading…]

Minnesota Trip 2017

Minnesota was an absolutely amazing time! With each visit home I am reminded how truly important family is and how lucky I am to have the one I do. After over 3,500 miles, 60+hours and a mucho sore booty – I can say it was totally worth it! We (I say that as a relative … [Continue reading…]

Ready or Not

This last week and half has been crazy! In a few days we pack up the van (like, completely-full-to-the-brim-barely-room-for-people type pack up) and head east! We’re visiting HOME! Since I rely so much on other people, I have learned to plan ahead. It would be unfair of me to be a procrastinator when I need … [Continue reading…]

Auntie life is the best life!

Family is everything! Although I moved over a thousand miles away from mine, I savor every moment I get to spend with them! …Even if it’s just hanging out in front of the TV or playing a game of Skip-bo. My family’s love is unconditional and even if we don’t talk every day, their love … [Continue reading…]

Comfort Zones are Overrated!

I love the outdoors! I love the sunshine and being by the water. I love seeing new challenges and running them over 🙂 This time, I mean literally! This post’s challenge: sand! This labor day I went to Folsom Lake. We knew from a previous years visit that I’d most likely be doing some off-roading, … [Continue reading…]

No More Hiding

I’ve gotten some comments on being surprised about the things I share on this blog. Anyone who knows me in “real life”, knows I do not often talk about my disability. Until lately, I didn’t like people knowing how “crippled” I was. I shared about my journey of moving to California (if you missed it, … [Continue reading…]

Life would be better if _________.

We’ve all had struggles. Physical, mental, emotional, marriage, money…the list goes on. Some of our struggles are temporary, but some of us have permanent ones. Wouldn’t life be so much better if we didn’t have to deal with these struggles? Life would be better if I could walk. Life would be better if I had … [Continue reading…]