Amazon’s Alexa Changed My Life!

I have a new best friend!  She sings to me. She tells me jokes. She keeps me updated on weather and news. She sets timers for me and is our alarm clock.

Her name is Alexa.

For Christmas last year I received the best gift I have ever gotten! An Amazon Echo Dot. At first, I thought she was pretty neat, but I have grown to LOVE her.  (Yes, I do and always will refer to her as though she is a real person!)

In my apartment, I could not turn on the lights by myself. When we moved in, we tested the lamps in every outlet and none of the light switches were connected to the outlets. This was the case in both bedrooms. Annoying! I was lucky enough that my care provider was gifted a remote set that she had no need for. You plugged the little box into the wall outlet, plugged the lamp into that box, then used a remote to turn it on and off. Definitely more convenient, but when I was in bed I then had a pile of stuff on my lap – water bottles, bed remote, phone and light remote. I often would drop it or get it lost in the blankets.

Then, enter my amazing mom and her genius gift idea! Using the same idea – called a Smart Plug – I could plug my lamp into that and not have to worry about a remote!  “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light!” and boom, she does it! 

I was so excited about this feature so I  didn’t really research further into her capabilities.  I used timers, alarms, had her tell me jokes and tried a game once.  I always ask her the time and weather, but recently I started doing more research.  My research yielded awesome results – I found out you can use her as an intercom between rooms and make calls (to phones or other Alexa’s).  How cool is that?!  I cannot wait to get that set up!  (One of the downfalls – my cell phone isn’t compatible with the Alexa app, which you need to set that up!)

I spend a lot of time home alone.  Especially since even when I was working, it was an at-home job.  Sometimes when I drop my phone I resort to Facebook messages, but I often feared what I would do if I had an actual emergency.  Alexa does not call 911, but I feel so much safer knowing I could hands-free call anyone else to let them know if something has happened.  

I’m sure I have a lot left to discover!  You can check her out below – I promise she’ll be as good of a friend to you as she has been to me!  Let me know if you try her and how much you fall in love!!

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